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Falmouth Together We Can, Inc., founded in 1994 by the Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission and facilitated by Frank Mastriano and Kathleen Jespersen, and the 40 volunteers who represented every aspect of the community came together to create "A Community that Cares".

Since its inception, Falmouth Together We Can, Inc. focuses on community-driven leaders, groups, and organizations eager to expand the communities outreach and inclusion. Falmouth Together We Can, Inc. sponsors and is instrumental in the creation and success of programs, organizations, and teams. Today, Falmouth Together We Can, Inc. serves as a repository/umbrella  for organizations.

The commission met for nine weeks, divided into groups by age, each age group created an action plan to support their demographic. By 1996, Falmouth Together We Can, Inc. became incorporated as a nonprofit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

Our success stories showcase the power of a helping-hand in building a "Community that Cares" about all age groups. As Falmouth Together We Can, Inc. serves its mission to promote these intrinsic values, the organization hopes to extend its reach to communities across Cape Cod, the Islands, and beyond.

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