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Our Community


Fishing has always been Brian, the founder of Wet-Vet, passion. He always knew that it was good for him mentally, physically, and spiritually. Now, there is scientific proof to prove it. In 2017, Brian began to take Veterans fishing to share the peace and serenity with those he believed would benefit from it the most, and thus Wet-Vet began.


The Story

Each year since 2017, the Wet-Vet have learned and grown a lot. None of it would have been possible without the professional charters, captains, and recreational private captains' generosity, giving their boats, time, and knowledge. Not only that, but the entire community have also helped by donating rods and reels, which we put in the hands of the Veterans.


Before this kind of generosity, there were many times that the Wet-Vet would just meet at a dock as strangers, and come back as friends time and time again. 

A couple of years ago, Brian became aware that to continue to grow this community of Veterans, he would need help. This is where Falmouth Together We Can, Inc. has come in for Brian and the Wet-Vet. 

Currently, the Wet-Vet are working on clearing the invasive and destructive green crabs.

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