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Falmouth Real Estate Scholarship 

The Story

The Falmouth Real Estate Agent’s Scholarship Fund was started more than 20 years ago, by Gene Marchand & Beverly Wall-Cedrone, both Realtors in Falmouth. It began small with only three $1000 scholarships awarded to graduating seniors from Falmouth High School. Since then, it has grown to five $1000 annual awards and open to any graduating high school senior regardless of which high school they attend.

Gene Marchard has since sadly since passed away, but the memory of his tireless energy volunteering and mentoring in the Falmouth public schools lives on. Funds are raised from monies collected from the local Realtors at their weekly tour meetings, donations made in the memory of Gene Marchand and various annual fund raising events.

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Scholarship Application

Click the link down below to apply online!


For any questions, please contact Pamela Chmielinski!

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