The Osprey Project

The Osprey Project seeks to provide safer, alternative nesting sites for the many ospreys currently nesting on potentially dangerous utility poles around all the villages of Falmouth. 

During the 2021 breeding season, nine fires and power outages were directly linked to ospreys nesting on these poles. Such outages and fires are expensive and problematic to the town, fire department, police department, and to impacted areas. In a desperate attempt to save birds from electrocuting themselves as they try to re-build removed nests, we have come up with a four-pronged approach. 

Image by Matthew Schwartz via Unsplash

Next steps: A conservationist and an osprey expert have toured the town to identify 20 active problematic nests and to determine safer alternative locations nearby each for a new pole and platform. We are also working to get deterrents installed on each identifies problematic pole and hopefully on any adjacent utility pole with a configuration that ospreys may find nest-worthy. 


FTWC, Inc. has agreed to oversee the funding for the project that is making Falmouth safer for humans and ospreys. Your donation is therefore a charitable contribution to an established not-for-profit 501(C)3. The funds will then pay for the materials for the platforms, poles, and labor to get these safer, alternative nest sites established and in place. Any funds that you donate will be used solely for this project. 

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