FWTC Scholarship Fund

“Tools for Falmouth Post High School Careers” Scholarship

Offered by Falmouth Together We Can, Inc.


Recognizing that long-term sustainability for Falmouth’s vibrant community depends on a strong workforce, this scholarship was conceived of by a Falmouth businessman to provide seed money for students interested in working in a local trade after graduating high school in Falmouth. It is expected that the award winner will work in Falmouth or for a Falmouth owned business for a minimum of three years after receipt of the scholarship award.  The scholarship seeks to provide gap financing for students accepted to technical, paraprofessional, certificate, licensure or trade programs such as for Police, Fire, EMT, Medical Assistants and Technicians, CNA, Nurses’ Aides, Plumbers, Carpenters, Masons, Computer Programmers, Insurance Agents and Adjusters, Landscapers, Automobile Mechanics, Real Estate Brokers, Veterinary Assistants and Office Workers. 


Examples for uses of the “Tools for Falmouth Post High School Careers” scholarship might be trade tools, computer programs, uniforms, books, exam preparation courses, and equipment.


“The scholarship is a great financial opportunity for young adults like me that go into a trade rather than college. Ms. J and Falmouth Together We Can Inc., do such a wonderful job helping students just like me!“


Ryan Clark, Electrician


"This scholarship opened different doors for me post-grad, other than college. It allowed me to invest in myself and my landscaping."

- Nick Rosado, Landscaper

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