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Board of Directors

Sandra Cuny

Treasurer of FTWC Inc., Independent Business Owner

“It has been a wonderful journey.  Meeting people who care and have a compassion for making Falmouth a better place to live has been amazing.  Being able to provide a non-profit status for projects and fundraising for all who wished to contribute has been a blessing.  My heartfelt thanks goes to Kathleen Jespersen, the founder and president of this organization.”

A Falmouth native, Sandra has been a Town Meeting Member since 1985 and a volunteer in the community for over forty years.

Sandra serves on several committees, including the Community Preservation Committee, the Recreation Committee, and the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).


Sandra volunteered in Falmouth Public Schools for 22 years, and in 2000 worked with the FHS Senior class to create the Falmouth Teen Center. Sandra’s involvement with the recreational center extends well into many of their programs, including recreational sports coaching and the Celebrations After-Prom committee.

Sandra has been the recipient of several awards signifying her commitment to the community, the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce’s 2012 “Community Service Award”, and the Falmouth Human Services Committee “Commendation Award”.

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